Current Obsessions

Cover of Current Obsessions
Artwork © 1996 Erin McKee. All rights reserved.

Current Obsessions is a collection of songs interpreted by Mary Ellen Wessels.
Stylistically it is predominately folk with some jazz thrown in.
Available on the Love Song Productions label.

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Play List and Sound Clips

MP3 Sound Clip (128k bit rate)
File Name
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DurationFile Size
1. Hearts & Hands Sam Baardman 3:54 HeartsAndHands.mp3 0:46 732 kb
2. Small Designs Barry Childs-Helton 3:31 SmallDesigns.mp3 1:11 1121 kb
3. I Don't Know Where I Stand Joni Mitchell 2:34 IDontKnowWhereIStand.mp3 0:50 787 kb
4. This Shirt Mary Chapin Carpenter 3:08 ThisShirt.mp3 1:02 972 kb
5. Give My Children Wings Kathy Mar 2:33 GiveMyChildrenWings.mp3 0:50 787 kb
6. Angel from Montgomery John Prine 5:05 AngelFromMontgomery.mp3 1:37 1527 kb
7. Night and Day Cole Porter 3:13 NightAndDay.mp3 1:13 1153 kb
8. Ain't I Lonely Tonight Susan Werner 3:03 AintILonelyTonight.mp3 0:33 531 kb
9. Misty Mountain Ferron 3:53 MistyMountain.mp3 0:57 901 kb
10. Garden Voices Don Neill 3:40 GardenVoices.mp3 1:15 1180 kb
11. Crazy Man Michael Thompson & Swarbrick 4:51 CrazyManMichael.mp3 2:58 2796 kb
12. Here Comes the Sun George Harrison 3:30 HereComesTheSun.mp3 1:03 997 kb
13. She Is Always There Ed Stauff 4:10 SheIsAlwaysThere.mp3 1:34 1479 kb
14. Give Yourself to Love Kate Wolf 3:22 GiveYourselfToLove.mp3 1:08 1074 kb
15. Thanksgiving Eve Bob Franke 3:12

Where can I order Current Obsessions?

Buy the CD
This is the easiest "online" way to buy.

Or call 1-800-BUY-MY-CD with any major credit or debit card.

You can order from Love Song Productions

You can order from Random Factors (Don't be confused when you look for it, they list it under "filk" even though I'm also a folk singer and only one of these songs really qualifies as "filk".)

You can order online from DAG Productions (They suffered a crash recently so if you don't find me on their web page, either call them or try back soon!)

In Canada email Glenn Simser (He's not set up to do web orders but you can order via email).

You can also order from Southern Fried Filk . (Thanks Michael for the nice review!)


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