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Ed and I have appeared on numerous independent recordings. As I track them down I'll put links to them or information about them here. "-ED" or "-MEW" denotes who appears on the recording.

First Contact The Black Book Band. I have the privilege and delight of occasionally getting to perform with this fine group of musicians and friends. The style is "filk/folk/rock/jazz" and includes both Barry's fine original tunes (one of which I recorded on "Current Obsessions" and covers of other songs. - MEW You can order First Contact at CD Baby NEW!

Journey's Done Steve Macdonald writes original music and lyrics. Predominately known as a "filker" he often writes songs with a fantasy theme but topics are diverse. I'd call his style sort of "pop or modern folk". - MEW

Songspinner Also by Steve Macdonald.(see above) - MEW

Sea of Stars Judith Hayman - Ed and I both appear on this tape of fine songs written by our friend Judith. She is an excellent lyricist and although I like her serious material she is especially well known for some of her children's songs such as "Yuck!" or "Someone's Mom." - ED & MEW

North Coast Cabaret Produced by Judith Hayman (see above), this tape was made when Steve Macdonald and I were musical guests of honor at a Star Trek Con! One of the more interesting and also FUN experiences I've had. As you'd expect this tape has a lot of Star Trek related songs. It also happens to be one of the rare places you can get recordings of Steve and I as a duo. - MEW

Several Tapes by Kathy Mar including "Plus Ca Change", "Plus C'est La Meme Chose", "Bamboo Wind", and "Made By Magic". Kathy is a fine singer songwriter from California. - MEW

Current Obsessions this is my first solo recording. It features a song by Ed Stauff and his arranging and playing on several tracks. (I met him during this project!) The content is folk with a few jazz influenced pieces and one "real" filk song. - ED & MEW

Champlain Summer Ed's Solo Piano CD - a long requested collection of basically folk piano pieces. Some are celtic, some are traditional folk, some original, some classical. Ed's style has often been compared to George Winston. This project is being funded by pre-sales. For further information mail Ed or Mew or go to the Champlain Summer web page. - ED

Fragile Wall Clif Flynt's first (I think) solo tape. This was recorded quite a while ago with Wail Songs. It may be hard to find but you can try calling Wail Songs and see if they have any left. I haven't heard it in years but I seem to recall I did some nice harmony work and Clif writes some great songs. I'm especially fond of "Blazon". --MEW

Mew appears on way too many filk convention tapes to list here. (ok, actually, I'd LIKE to list them here but I have no idea which ones. If YOU know, let me know and I'll add them! Thanks. Mew)

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