Bio for Mary Ellen Wessels
Born at a very young age to her biological mother and father, Mew soon 
found the amazing ability to produce sounds that defied description ...
so we won't try. But she could sing also, and that lead to a 
fullfilling and satisfying career as a back-up singer to the Christian 
Evangelical rock group, The Billy Graham Crackers. 
Finding that her questions of faith and relative morality could not be 
answered by other members of the group, Mew went into seclusion in a 
Monastary, with Our Brothers of Perpetual Motion. Finding new vigour and 
interest in life, she turned again to her first love, and once the 
batteries went dead, tried music. 
Mew is well known for having more show business comebacks than John 
Travolta . . . well, almost, and has appeared on over 17,000 albums and 
recording projects. Her film career, although infrequently mentioned, 
has kept a rather nervous man in Oakland in pocketchange for three years 
now. And her much celebrated college degree is famous in Michigan 
history, as being the first in seven decades to have actually been 
earned honestly. 
Mew's current interests, outside of world domination and tickling her 
cat, include her book project on her affairs with various world leaders 
Amewsing Anecdotes, and her hunt for the hiding place of the author of 
this bio. 

Solomon Davidoff, who didn't believe a word of it . . . really. 
(Solomon, you can run, but you can't hide!)

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