Joey's Bio of Mew

Mew, who??

by sources who prefer to remain anonymous (Joey Shoji & Judith Hayman) (ha ha)

This is a filkcon, isn't it? Of course you've heard of Mary Ellen Wessels, right? Yeah, we know all about her, but I'm writing this anyway.

Mary has had music around her forever and you can tell. She listens to all sorts of stuff from classical music to the Butthole Surfers. She's been part of music too, from earliest harmonizing with her mom and sister to being in EVERY musicl group at high school ("uh, Mom, I need six more costumes.") from Barber Shop to Medieval. Since high school too... And she's an advocate; one of those people who go around infecting her friends and colleagues with the same enthusiasm for the eclectic.

Mare has a marvelous sense of humor. From personal interactions to her banter during concert sets and panels, she can be silly, witty, and truly a goof-ball. Witness her participation at Interfilk auctions -- hee hee!

Meme the mime, or didn't you know? She really has done mime. And acting. And theater production. She's been stage crew for theatre. And wowed her theatre arts class with a unique rendition of an women's etiquette book -- method acting the part of a corpse. Who can forget mew's cameo role as a beleaguered fowl in THE PIGEONATOR?

Mary-el has been seen with long things protruding from her mouth! Yes, she plays recorder, pennywhistle and pan pipes (well, what did you _think_ I was talking about?). She also plays guitar, bodhran, doumbek and mountain dulcimer. I was going to mention that she has a really great set of maracas, but maybe I won't, though I suppose one could ask her about "Steel and maille and cross-your-heart bra . . ."

Maria Elena is understandably well-known for her many musical collaborations on filk recordings and in live performance. From her early backup vocals with Clif Flynt to her current stint with The Black Book Band, she has delivered. She doesn't just slap on a part for no purpose other than to have her voice on a song. She pays attention to the lyrics and makes a conscious effort to blend with whomever she sings. You thought that it sounded effortless? The reality is that it takes work and talent to come up with and execute the kind of harmonies she consistently produces.

The Wessels-meister can make you perform, too. She has developed a performance workshop based on her own experiences as well as formal education and LOTS of additional research. Even more than that, she has always been willing to give advice to other musicians, helping to create a nurturing environment wherever she is or goes.

Okay, okay. It's mew. Mew. She's got a solo recording project under her belt now, so watch out. Call her whatever you will: Android Sister, Interfilk Wench, Shy Filker (!). She's funny, entertaining, genuine and a wonderful musician. She's mew!

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