I believe that Lake Superior is the largest freshwater lake in the world, they have BIG fish there.

Thanks to the astute ichthyologist Clif Flynt for pointing out: "The Carp picture is definitely not a carp - The fact that it's attacking a bass plug makes me think that it's supposed to be a smallmouth bass, though the body shape looks a bit more like a trout."

Not content to let us all wallow in ignorance Clif later sent me: "I did a quick websearch, and Bronzeback.com has a gallery of photos (catch, photographs, release) of smallmouth bass. This is definitely a bass, not a trout, and definitely not a carp. The carp has a sucker type mouth, and is a bottom feeder, while the bass has a front-opening cavern, and feeds from the surface (sometimes) and mostly on other things (smaller bass) swimming in the water. Aren't you glad you didn't ask?"

(photo courtesy of the Haymen)

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