The Galaxy's Wide

copyright © 1995 by Edward L. Stauff

This song explores what might happen to the old folk song "The Water Is Wide" a few centuries into the future.

Refrain:   The galaxy's wide, worlds are few and far
And neither have I hull nor drive
Give me a ship that can jump between
And none shall part my love and I.
1. There is a ship out between the stars
Her holds are full, she's homeward bound
And no less full is my heart with love
Yet no star's pull can draw me down.
2. I found a world blue and green with life
I thought to land and call her mine
But she'd been claimed, and they warned me off
And so I left that world behind.
3. My suit was bound safe to my ship
I thought the line would ne'er come free
But first it frayed, and then it broke
And so my false love did unto me.
4.   Oh love burns brightly, and love burns warm
And love's a nova within your soul
But love grows dim, and closes in
And leaves your heart a cold black hole.