She Is Always There
(A Pagan Lullabye)

copyright © 1989 Edward L. Stauff

Tuck in your quilt that warmed before the fire on the hearth
The water comes in evening dew to wet the grass and trees
Now all her daytime creatures like yourself must go to earth
While through the window whispers in a gentle cooling breeze.

May the fire in your heart warm the waters of your soul
So this body made of earth may on your dreams soar through the air
Of everything we are a part, and our Mother keeps it whole
From birth to death to birth again, know that She is always there.

Yesterday you tried to fly but only scraped your knee
I saw you fall, my tears fell too as I heard you call my name
After lunch you planted flowers while I planted trees
What will you do tomorrow, dear, to set my heart aflame?

Tomorrow if it's sunny we'll go swimming in the bay
If it's windy, then we'll let a kite soar on a string
If it rains we'll stay inside and make a pot of clay
Whatever else, at night we'll gather 'round the fire and sing.

repeat verse 1 & refrain