One More Song

copyright © Edward L. Stauff 1993

Well you know the last few hours have gone by much too fast
And all too soon I'll have to face that long drive home at last
The children all are sleeping, one's head is on my thigh
But I would listen one more time before we say goodbye

Sing me just one more song, not too short and not too long
Something simple I can sing, something easy I can play
Play me just one more tune, let your voices fill the room
Something I'll remember and take with me on my way.

Songs of lovers, songs of workers, songs of joy and songs of pain
Some songs I never heard before, though I hope I will again
Some filled the room with laughter, some filled my eyes with tears
And some were old, old favorites that I haven't heard for years

With a voice that's growing hoarser, and with fingers weak and sore
I'll pluck these tired strings and sing for just a moment more
I can't tell if you're sleeping, you've closed your weary eyes
So I will sing you peaceful rest until the next sunrise.