Contributing to The Scarèd Harp

This is a resource page for people who are interested in contributing new songs to The Scarèd Harp. It is currently very much under construction.

Please send contributions or suggestions to

Some Fundamentals

The Scarèd Harp is modelled after a hymnnal, and emphasizes participation over performance. Therefore, arrangements should in general be kept simple. This is not the place for complicated or difficult arrangements. All arrangements should be in four parts (SATB), though three part arrangements (SAB or ATB) are also acceptable. Texts should conform to the definition of "filk", which includes songs in the folk genre which are popular among filkers.

Matching Texts to Tunes

Clearly, what is needed is a database of songs which is indexed by meter. For hymn tunes, The Cyber Hymnal is a good resource. There is an on-line index to The Sacred Harp at MIDI files can be found at

Would somebody like to start indexing filksongs by meter? Please?

Traditional Harmony & Counterpoint

The most comprehensive on-line reference I've found to date is Alan Belkin's Principles of Counterpoint

Finale Style Sheet

Music Maestro
All Text Georgia
Main Title 30 pt bold
Lyrics 14 pt
"melody in Tenor" 14 pt italic
credits 10 pt
chord names 14 pt
chord suffixes 12 pt

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