Related Links (Yes, there are some!)(but they aren't all Shlock)

Roadside For true aficionados of roadside shlock!
(actually they also do have some other fun tourist attractions)

Some of my favorites on their site include: The Giant Duck on Long Island (thanks to Bruce)

Golgotha Miniature Golf I am not kidding. I've actually seen this (it was closed when we were passing by or believe me,
I'd have stopped and gotten a t-shirt. Who comes up with ideas like this?

Paul Estin sent me this link to Chi-cow-go a cow art project.
It features large fiberglass cows decorated in various styles! Neato!!

In a related site - here in my (now) home state of Vermont we are
not to be outdone. So I present the Pigs of Brandon!
A similar idea but porcine. Actually a few of them I really like! NEW!

Museum of Bad Art Need I say more? Actually, I still haven't been to see this fine establishment.
However, my good buddy Alan Theisen speaks very highly of it.

Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum I'm sorry I missed seeing this place when I lived in Michigan.
It looks like the sort of place you have to experience to understand but
check out the web page and you'll see what I mean.

"Drive By Shootings" A photo gallery of unusual roadside signs, objects d'art, and other attractions
of the delightfully tacky and amusing variety. This page is owned by Tim the Duct Tape Guy.
If you haven't seen that page, check it out - I have a link on my "fun stuff" links.

Gary's dubious art tour of Dublin Ohio. My friend Gary has sent me a few great pictures for inclusion
that I hadn't gotten around to adding but then I found out he has his own terrific site
about the "art" in his area of Ohio. I particularly recommend checking out the dancing bunnies
and the demonic horses - well - come to think of it - it's all good! NEW!

Joe Louis' Fist If you grew up in the Detroit area, as I did, you will remember the controversy
caused when this sculpture was installed. Mind you, Joe Louis (click here for a brief bio)
is certainly a man worthy of commerating But... well it's just so
odd looking to have this giant arm and fist just hanging there... see for yourself. NEW!

The Big Tire This is a link to Roadside but I had to list it separately
because it is another landmark I grew up with in Detroit. Coming and going from the airport there it was.
I'd love to see a picture of it as a ferris wheel, apparently an earlier incarnation. NEW!