CD's that I Really Must Insist You Run Out and Buy Immediately

Ed Stauff: Champlain Summer
My solo piano CD. Buy one so I can feed my starving children! Better yet, buy ten and get a discount!

Mary Ellen Wessels: Current Obsessions
My wife's CD. Buy one so she can feed her starving children!

Maddy Prior & The Carnival Band: Carols & Capers or A Tapestry of Christmas Carols
Two absolutely wonderful Christmas albums.

Gordon Bok & Cindy Kallet: Neighbors
There's something about Cindy's alto voice that I find totally soothing, and it blends perfectly with Gordon's bass.

Bok, Muir & Trickett: The First 15 Years
If you're not familiar with Gordon Bok, then buy this album. Even if you are, it's still a great collection. Bok's rich, warm bass is one of my favorite folk voices.

Finest Kind: Lost in a Song or Heart's Delight
I love their harmonies.

Kallet, Epstein & Cicone: Angels in Daring or Only Human
My favorite folk trio of all time, edging out (for my taste) even Bok, Muir & Trickett.

Sally Rogers & Claudia Schmidt: Closing the Distance
Two great singers in one great album.

Kate Rusby: Hourglass
Lovely voice, tasty Scottish accent, and wonderful arrangements.

Stan Rogers: Between the Breaks Live
If you're not familiar with Stan Rogers -- and you should be -- this is a good place to start.

George Winston: Winter
One of those "must-have" albums, this is George Winston at his best. Gorgeous mellow solo piano; if you liked Champlain Summer, you'll love this (and vice versa).

Elton John: Elton John
His very first album and, in my opinion, his best. Very folky.